Using a Hose Reel

Using a Hose Reel

A hose reel that has excellent quality is always a good investment as it can last you for a long period of time and you can maximize its usage. Coiling your garden hose to the reel has its advantages. It helps protect the hose and ensures safety for all occupants and pets of the house. Fastening the hose with the reel also allows easier usage.

Today’s selection of hoses does not require a crank or handle in order to operate. They can be powered by electricity, battery or a faucet. Modern reels mechanically rewind with the help of a lever. The setup also includes a leader hose or a spigot, hose stopper and drain hose.

Majority of the models come fully assembled so you won’t have to deal with tinkering with them. There are no complicated steps involved in using a hose reel. All you have to do is coil the hose inside and fasten the other peripheral hoses.

Here are the instructions for using a hose reel:

1.  Rotate the leader hose or spigot in clockwise direction on the hose fitting. This hose fitting can be found on the side of the reel. Fasten the other end of the hose on the spigot.

2.  Fasten the drain hose on the drain of the reel. This drain is found on the reel’s side.

3.  Press on the hose throughout the hose reel’s guide. This guide is found on the external part of the reel house that, in turn, is located at the front. Look inside the housing of the hose reel and draw the hose up, winding its end on the drum connector of the reel.

4.  With one hand, drag the hose while simultaneously rotating the drum toward you till the drum connector comes into sight.

5.  Wind the hose stopper on the garden hose’s end on the external part of the reel.

6.  When keeping the garden hose, make sure that the operation lever is in Off or Rest position.

7.  To use water, you should draw out the hose and switch on the spigot.

8.  Push the operation lever to Rewind position as the spigot is switched on. Set the hose free and the water pressure will mechanically wind the hose.

Hooking up a Hose Reel

Now that you know the importance of a hose reel for your garden hoses, it is recommended that you hook the hose with the reel properly to prevent leaking and water wastage.

Here are instructions on doing it correctly with the help of lubricant and cotton swab. It is suggested that you use a petroleum-based lubricant for this procedure.

1.  Position the hose reel 2-3 feet away from the hose bib that is attached to the hose. Place the hose reel on the hose’s side, which is located close to the bib, using the included hardware.

2.  Immerse a cotton swab in the lubricant and pat it on the connector hose’s female end. Next, you must rub the cotton swab on the female connector that is fastened with the body of the reel as well.

3.  Slot in the male end of the connector hose inside the female connector on the body of the reel. Rotate the female connector in clockwise manner while clutching the male connector in position. Keep rotating the female connector till the connection is tight.

4.  Press on the female end of the connector to the male threads of the hose’s bib. Pass the hose connection through the displayed male threads on the body of the reel. Turn the female side of the connector in clockwise manner once again in order to secure the connection.

5.  Rotate the valve handle of the bib in counter-clockwise manner to allow water to pass through the hose. Secure the leaky connections to prevent leaks from happening.

6.  Switch off the hose bib. Rotate the reel handle clockwise in order to move the hose on the reel.

Using a hose reel is easy as long as you follow these directions. Make sure that you keep children and pets away from garden hoses that are being coiled up in order to avoid unintentional strangulation, tripping or other accidents.