The Different Kinds of Hose Reels

The Different Kinds of Hose Reels

If those garden hoses that are lying around your yard bother you every day, then maybe it is time to look for solutions that can get rid of this problem. A loose garden hose can snag your feet and can get entangled with other objects as well.

You should find a way to deal with the issue of unfastened garden hoses and make everything that you keep in your garden shed or backyard organized. One good way deal with a garden hose is by keeping it wound up. There are different ways of doing this.

However, if somehow you don’t like hanging the hose over a hook in your garden shed or garage wall, then perhaps it is time for you to invest in a hose reel. Hose reels come in many types to suit homeowners’ differing preferences so you will always have the reel that you need.

Garden hose reels are quite practical and they can help organize and clean your yard’s appearance. How does a hose reel work, though? There are a number of hose reels that can be considered ornamental because of their designs.

However, their primary function is to enhance the appearance and overall feel of your backyard or garden by keeping your hose neatly coiled and tucked.  The hose reel can also prevent it from getting damaged and turning into an irritating issue in the backyard.

There are several types of garden hose reels available today and they are the following:

Wall-mounted hose reel

As its name implies, the wall mount type can be mounted on the wall right next to the water source. This type comes in either heavy-duty plastic model or ornamental metal model. Several models even feature a downsized storage portion or shelf where homeowners can keep attachments for the hose such as sprayers or different sorts of watering implements and gardening equipments.

The wall-mounted type comes with a crank or handle if it’s not retractable. This handle or crank is employed to reel the hose in so that it can be stored in an organized and neat manner.

Retractable hose reel

The automatic or retractable hose reel usually employs battery, water power or electricity for doing its job. Majority of models use rechargeable batteries. This is a good option for homeowners who find it difficult to wind up garden hoses because they have bad backs or other physical limitations.

Many individuals choose automatic hose reel because it allows hands-free work. Using a heavy garden hose for extended amount of time or carrying it back to the reel can be exhausting and at times, hose can get tangled up.

The automatic type features a release and retract button that does not need human assistance and helps keep those hoses stored without tangling. Work that involves use of a hose can be done faster with the help of an automatic setup that discharges and pulls in the hose with just the push of a button.

Hose cart

A hose cart is typically a hose reel that includes wheels. It provides more flexibility for the homeowners in carrying and moving the hose around to different water sources inside the property.

If you have a big yard with several faucets, this is a better option for you. Several models also include a basket or shelf that lets users bring downsized garden equipments with them to different parts of the yard.

The best kind of hose storage for individual users is usually based on the length and kind of the hose that they own. The rubber hose typically has a bigger diameter as compared to vinyl ones so it requires a bigger reel as well to contain the length.

Since rubber hoses are heavier, homeowners may want a reel that rewinds automatically to prevent exhaustion. On the other hand, homeowners who have vinyl hose might find manually wrapping the hose easier.

Homeowners can also reduce their storage needs by staying clear of the long hose lengths. One way to find the correct length for your yard is to measure the distance between the faucets and the outermost place where the hoses can possibly be used.