Strongway Wall-Mount Garden Hose Reel

Strongway Wall-Mount Garden Hose Reel

A garden hose is an efficient and practical gardening/yard work equipment. We use it to water and maintain the neatness of our lawns. However, carrying and lugging it all over the place can be tiring and annoying. This is the reason why the hose reel was invented.

With the help of this nifty product, homeowners need not lug their garden hoses all over their property anymore. There are mounted hose reels, retractable ones and even hose reel carts with wheels available in the market.

However, because of the many choices available in the market right now, choosing one can be quite a daunting task. Selecting a hose reel should be an easy thing to do and in order to help you pick a good product, we are here to provide you with reviews. We are going to discuss the Strongway Wall-Mount Garden Hose Reel in this article.


  • Can be mounted perpendicularly or in a parallel manner on the wall.
  • Powder-coated finish for long-lasting service.
  • Right hand and left hand friendly.
  • Has 7-year limited lifetime warranty.


Using a hose reel to store your garden hose can make it last longer. It also keeps the item organized and stored in neat coils. You won’t have to deal with kinking and tangling too. These are the factors that can easily damage your garden hose. A hose reel also maintains the functionality of the garden hose and allows it to perform its job the way it is supposed to.

A garden hose that’s left lying on a heap in the yard or the garden is a tripping hazard. Family members, friends, children or pets passing by can entangle their feet on the hose and it can lead to accidents. Using a hose reel will prevent accidents like this from happening since the hose can be wound tidily on the reel.

If you want a more organized garden or lawn, you can benefit from the advantages of a hose reel. Portable ones and models with wheels like hose reel carts can be carried out of sight. If you do not want them lying around outdoors, you can simply place them in the garage or garden shed.

A garden hose also allows you to accomplish your watering/yard work tasks efficiently and in a fast manner. This is due to the fact that you get the capability to choose the hose length that you need in order to accomplish your particular chores. You do not have to lug around heavy hoses all over the garden anymore.

A wall-mount model like this one from Strongway can be mounted on the wall next or above the water source. Customers who are satisfied with this wall-mount model appreciate its durable frame that comes with powder-coated finish. It includes a wall-mounting arm that is composed of aluminum.

This can be utilized to arrange the reel into a parallel or perpendicular position on the wall. Users can also adjust the reel for right-handed or left-handed use.

Another excellent feature of this model is that the product is rated 150 PSI for usage with any kind of water source. It has a 6-ft. rubber connection hose too that users can assemble quickly and utilize it if the need arises. Apart from that, the package includes mounting hardware so you won’t have to purchase additional equipments for the installation.

The powder-coated construction also means the product is durable and can combat corrosion. Customers who liked this unit shared that they will recommend the item because of its durable powder-coated steel construction, mounting brackets and the fact that it can be locked into position very well.


This Strongway hose reel has received good feedback but there were some customers who complained that the hose was still left exposed to the weather elements and the reel did not provide any protection to it.


Despite the minimal drawbacks, the Strongway Wall-Mount Garden Hose Reel is a worthy buy if you want a wall-mounted model.