Liberty Garden Products 880 Garden Hose Reel Cart

Liberty Garden Products 880 Garden Hose Reel Cart

It’s good if you have decided on investing in a quality hose reel. Hose reels help you make your garden or yard organized and on top of that, they also help prevent your hoses from succumbing to early wear and tear. There are different kinds of hose reels available right now.

However, if you do not really care about the design of a standard hose reel, then perhaps a hose reel cart is your best bet. In this article, we are going to discuss Liberty Garden Products’ 880-2 Garden Hose Reel Cart.


  • Made with 13-gauge steel build.
  • Has capacity for 300-inch 5/8 hose.
  • Has 5-inch leader hose.
  • Includes brass, galvanized fixtures.
  • Has 90-degree brass swivel connector.
  • Has powder-coat finish.
  • Low-center gravity prevents tipping.
  • Has 15.5-inch knobby spoked tires.
  • Includes storage basket.
  • Backed by limited lifetime warranty.
  • Weighs 32.5000 pounds.
  • Made in China.


Unlike hose rack, a hose reel is not really ornamental. However, it is a handy and practical equipment to include in your garden shed or garage. It makes hauling and keeping your garden hose simple and keeps things organized in the garden.

The hose reel usually includes a guide so that users can easily coil their hoses neatly around it. It also includes a big wheel handle so that one can yank their watering unit on it. Although it does take up some space, its practicality is worth the investment.

The 880-2 Garden Hose Reel by Liberty Garden Products has a 13-gauge steel construction with a powder-coated finish. It has two 16-inch pneumatic spoke wheels for strong backup and better maneuverability. Therefore, you can easily drag your hose around all over your garden and accomplish watering duties. It also includes a 5-ft. leader brass hose and galvanized fixtures.

In order to help you keep your tools handy, the model includes a handy storage basket and its lower center of gravity allows tipping prevention. To make lugging the cart a breeze, the model comes with non-slip handle grips.

Now, if you own a big property and have thought about investing in a hose reel, the cart type will benefit you the most. The 880-2 is a horse reel cart and because of the inclusion of wheels, you can take your watering equipment anywhere you wish around your yard or garden.

The wheels of this model are capable of tackling uneven ground surfaces and it has a lower center of gravity. Therefore, it will not tip as you maneuver it all over your property.

Customers were glad that the model displayed stability when unwinding the hose. Apart from that, majority of customers loved the fact that it was easy to assemble. The model also comes with a limited lifetime warranty, meaning the company has absolute faith in the way this product is designed and manufactured.

In case the cart or certain parts of it malfunction, has defects in its materials or displays manufacturing defects, you can just get in touch with the company and they will replace the cart. However, keep in mind that corrosion and damages caused by misuse or neglect are not covered by the warranty.


There were some complaints from customers regarding the product. According to one customer, although the instructions were understandable, the photographs that came with them were ineffectual because they were dark and in black and white. Therefore, you cannot see the details described in the instructions clearly.

There were also complaints about leaks and these leaks were caused by the low-quality China-made hose. Another customer also complained about the handle saying it was designed poorly and it loosened early.


This is something that you may want to consider if you own a big yard or garden because it is a wheeled model. You can take it anywhere you wish all over your property.

The Liberty Garden Products’ 880 Garden Hose Reel Cart has decent maneuverability, comes with a sturdy frame, has a lower center of gravity to prevent tipping and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. However, if you are not into products that are made in China, you may want to skip this one.